Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Selling your Structured Settlement

There may come a point where a victim who has a structured settlement will want to sell that structured settlement for cash.

Here there is a question of fair valuation and that will be a post later. The key concept is "present value" of the structured settlement.

Structured Settlements

While filing and either winning or settling a mesothelioma case is important, how the payment is made to the victim may be equally important.

Structured settlementstake the victim's needs, tax postion, legal fee obligations and life expectancy into account. Stuctured settlements take a lot of the worry out of suddenly receiving a large sum of money.

As the Hartford Insurance company which offers Structured Settlements explains,
"A structured settlement is a proven, effective solution for the needs of personal injury claimants. Claims professionals, plaintiff attorneys, judges and defense attorneys advocate the use of structured settlements because they can effectively meet a claimant's needs for security, and provide more benefits over time than a single, lump sum settlement because of applicable tax rates."
structured settlements, an overview